I started playing guitar when I was in 7th grade. I wrote a lot of songs but never did anything with them. After high school I went to Venezuela on a YWAM mission trip where I learned a lot about the recording industry and eventually decided that doing it myself sounded more inexpensive and a lot more fun. A couple years later I bought some recording equipment and recorded a few songs here and there. After picking the best ones I planned the CD, re-recorded, and released.

And that's where we are now, and I'm already starting to write and plan for the second one.

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This CD has been a lot of hard work writing songs over many years and recording this past year. It's taken longer than I originally planned but it's out now and I'm excited.

"You Found Me" was a song written in faith. I didn't have a girl in mind when I wrote it. Instead I felt God was telling me to be ready for someone unlike anything I had ever imagined. I felt it was more generic too. God's thoughts and plans are rarely the ones we have for ourselves. We need to be open for different, open for change. I didn't realize how true this song was until I graduated and started dating a girl I had known for many years but never seriously considered (and vice versa). Within ten months we were married.

These past couple of years have not turned out how I had planned. They turned out better! Thank you all for your support and prayers as I have faced various trials and the joys of growing into a man.


If you're like me and prefer something physical, you can order a CD online from stephanainley.bandcamp.com for $10 plus $3 shipping.

Ordering a CD also allows you to immediately download MP3s to listen to while you wait for it to arrive. I usually ship CDs the next day.


You can download the CD from any of the following places:

I want to make it as easy for you to get as you can. It's even available to stream on Spotify or SoundCloud, but if enjoy it please consider buying it to support future projects.

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